Innovation Management Co., Ltd. supports companies’continuous innovation, builds a strategic business framework and provides a project management scheme utilizing our various proven performances.

Major solutions that Innovation Management Co., Ltd. provides

  • Portfolio management


    Portfolio management

    Each product has its own lifecycle and continuous development of next-generation products is essential to keep a company in existence. For further expansion of a business, not only development investment in improved products but also that in innovative products is important.

  • Introduction of PM system


    Introduction of PM system

    We deliver a system which produces even greater results by making the best use of Planisware. We have already implemented Planisware which is a project management tool holding a dominant share in the pharmaceutical industry to some companies in collaboration with Innovation Framework Technology-Planisware (IFTP).

  • Idea Management


    Idea Management

    Many companies can't use ideas effectively even though they are the sources of innovation, and which accounts for inhibiting businesses innovation. In this idea management solution, we identify the direction of ideas which should be collected based on a strategy, build a framework for idea management and support introduction of the framework which is supposed to be the infrastructure.