Innovation Management Co., Ltd. supports companies’continuous innovation, builds a strategic business framework and provides a project management scheme utilizing our various proven performances.


Business Process Reengineering

Success is supported by the superb business processes.

The “winner” companies hold superb business processes.

What is important for each function of companies is to keep polishing the business processes to cross-sectionally managed projects.

Challenges that many companies face

  • Tasks are overlooked or overlapped because the division of roles among other organizations is unclear.
  • They cannot spend man-hours on tasks that the organization puts much value on.
  • Task implementation heavily relies on individuals because the procedure of the business process is not visualized.
  • They deal with tasks habitually.
  • Outside resources cannot be utilized well.
  • They cannot do mid- to long term capacity planning.

Viewpoint of improving process

For improving a business process, you have to be aware of the following matters.

Simplification and flexibility Bottleneck Front loading
Process is not fixed but is ever evolving, so you have to be aware if there are processes that can be omitted or replaced. You always direct your attention to bottlenecks and focus on the reasons and countermeasures preferentially. You pick out problems at an early stage and improve the quality of tasks from the beginning stage.

We support you to improve business process.

We support you to build productive business development structure.

Man-hour analysis

New business model will be defined by checking both actual man-hours spend for each visualized business and the organizational mission.

Core tasks of each organization and role is calcified by man-hour analysis, and business implementation structure which is matched to the organizational mission is build.

Visualization and rebuilding of business process

A new business process is established by visualizing business process using process map and others. In addition, term goals are clarified by identifying main milestones.

Definition of division of task roles

Division of roles clarified through activities mentioned above is organized in the table of roles and responsibilities, and division of roles according to the position in one organization and that of among organizations are clarified.