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Performance Evaluation System

Few organizations  operate efficient performance evaluation system.

Performance evaluation system is a critical factor to influence greatly on people’s behavior resulting in organizational performance.

However, the reality is far less companies could work efficient performance evaluation system than one might imagine. Company needs to improve in order to achieve higher organizational performance.

(Source: Innocation Management Co., Ltd.)

We support you to design and build effective evaluation system.

We build renewed performance evaluation system in which all the people of the organization can work in concert.

Clarification of responsibility for outcome

What is the most important in design of evaluation system is whether the outcome to evaluate is right and appropriate, rather than evaluation indicator, criteria and process.

We define the framework of performance evaluation system with which you can achieve continuous organizational achievement.

Clarification of responsibility for outcome

Design of evaluation system

Clarification of an evaluation indicator and criteria, and selection of appropriate evaluators is required so that evaluation system works.

We design an evaluation indicator, evaluation criteria, evaluators (evaluation organization) and an evaluation process according to the purpose of the evaluation.

Design of evaluation system

Operation of evaluation system

Even if you have excellent evaluation system, you cannot take the most out of it unless evaluator fully understands what it means to evaluate people.

Understanding and attitudes of evaluators are keys to make evaluation system work.
Evaluators always have to be prepared to evaluate from the perspective of human resource development. We will support you to operate it properly including training of evaluators.

Operation of evaluation system