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Technology Research

Acquiring the necessary information of the technology market is major company competitiveness.

・Which company developed this technology?
・Which organization studies these kinds of materials?
・Which company is the strongest, or who is the leader as a researcher in this field?

These days, companies are realizing that they have their limits for developing new products only by themselves and started to acquire technology and seeds from outside.

In Japanese companies, procurement, marketing and M&A department mainly collect this kind of information. The major issues here are they depend on people such as individual networks and existing client companies to collect information.

Discover technologies utilizing big data effectively and efficiently.

Advanced companies in the west have already started efforts to acquire technologies more effectively and efficiently by utilizing big data.

For example, when you search a certain technology in “expernova” service, it displays the list of trend of the technology, relevant patent information, the leader of the research, the research company and its partner company.

Utilizing well the big data on the Web, you can access to the information you want while you stay at your office.

Quick research in combination with the information database such as “expernova”, their own existing network and human resources with expert opinions help your company head start over competitors and find out technologies and partners necessary for your company.

We provide technology marketing system.

Japanese companies are still developing in terms of implementation of technology marketing, technology acquisition from outside, disclosure of research of the own company and selection of a partner company.

You can do effective research and collect information more than ever by incorporating information database such as expernova into your existing framework as the western companies do, rather than by totally relaying on such database.

Why don’t you give it a try? Maybe you see something new ahead of competitors.