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Strategic Planning

Strategic alignment is a key to business success.

Companies have to conduct product development, technology development, sales and after-sales service under consistent strategies in order to win in a harsh competitive environment.

However, globalization and diversification of customers’ needs increase the number of items to be considered when a strategy is created and boost the level of difficulty of strategic planning.

The bigger the business scale is, the more it becomes so, and the level of difficulty of strategic planning is going up every year.

Points to be considered when a strategy is created
  • Business axis
  • Category / Product axis
  • Region axis
  • Function axis and others

Items to be considered influencing on strategies are available on several axes. The consistency of the multiple axes influences on the strategy itself, which, in turn, to influence greatly on the business outcome.

There are many cases where the availability of the resources (people, goods, capitals) is not verified and it turns out to be the pie in the sky even though you take time planning a strategy.

A strategy without consistency influences greatly on the success probabilities of product development, and exerts a bad effect on business efficiency as a result.

We support you to build the framework of sophisticated strategic planning.

Strategic planning

Market /customer trend, a product strategy, a technology strategy is put into a roadmap, and the basis of a strategic scenario is designed using them well and keeping their consistency.

Evaluation points are defined and necessary information is collected to compare and evaluate the strategic scenario.

More than one strategic scenarios are designed to validate which area you focus on, which plan you choose, whether sales, profits and resources hold promise in the future after visualization and the ultimate strategic plan is decided while simulating.

We support you to build the frameworks such as definition of necessary data, implementation mechanism, and decision-making mechanism as above.

Sophisticated strategic planning process boost success probabilities of business in product development and increase its profitability.

Scenario analysis Scenario comparison/evaluation
Scenario analysis Scenario comparison/evaluation
Profitability Analysis Roadmapping
Profitability Analysis Roadmapping