Innovation Management Co., Ltd. supports companies’continuous innovation, builds a strategic business framework and provides a project management scheme utilizing our various proven performances.


Portfolio Management

Balanced investment in development is required.

Each product has its own lifecycle, and continuous development of next-generation products is essential for business continuation. For further expansion of a business, not only development investment in improved products but also that in innovative products is important.

However, we see many companies make decisions for investment in improved products which generate revenue relatively quickly, which strains investment in innovative products which we are not sure how much it can generate profits.

Improved products

  • Easy to calculate the values because the market is clear and visible
  • Easy to speculate because a developer is familiar with the area
  • Easy to imagine what it is for decision maker

Innovative products

  • Hard to evaluate the value because the market is unclear and uncertain
  • Hard to speculate with troubles for a developer
  • A decision maker thinks it doesn’t lead to immediate profit expansion.

Continuous visualization of a portfolio is important.

Understanding correctly and visualizing information becomes essential in order to grasp how the current investment situation is.

For that, you need to identify information which should be collected from those who execute project work and to define the information flow for collecting information easily.

Also, you have to check the situation of investment regularly so that the investment will be executed according to the investment decision..

We establish a decision making scheme based on a portfolio.

When we establish a decision making scheme, we conduct discussions as the following steps.


Clarification of a decision making scheme and decision making documents

We define meeting body for decision-making and necessary information for the decision making.

evaluation criteria

Clarifying the way to calculate values and risks of a project

Define measurement for project value such as NPV/eNPV, risks and others, and information needed for the calculation.

Information flow

Clarification of Information flow

Necessary information is divided into the one needed to predict by project member and the one collectable in the logic and system, and the collecting process is clarified.


Confirmation and improvement of decision making process

The flow of information collection and decision making is implemented as process and system, so that improvement will be done continuously to realize visualization even after starting its operation.