Innovation Management Co., Ltd. supports companies’continuous innovation, builds a strategic business framework and provides a project management scheme utilizing our various proven performances.


PMO (Project Management Office)

To make an organization to satisfy customers’ needs swiftly

Business environment has been changing from where producing good products leads benefit to where speedy response to diversified customers’ needs is essential.

You have to utilize your organization’s strength while managing product development as a project smoothly and cross-divisionally in order to launch prospective and innovative products onto the market within the limited resources more swiftly, reasonably and with better quality.

Challenges that many companies face

  • The organization is rigid and functions are not linked each other.
  • Rights and responsibilities of the members are unclear.
  • Tasks of the project manager are diversified and management work is left neglected.
  • Goals and plans are not shared among project members.
  • The project plan is less accurate.

We build the best-suited project management office to you.

We support you to build the project management office (PMO) best-suited for your business environment.

Definition of a project and a project team

We define what is a “project”, from what point a “project” is created and how to organize project team.

We also define roles for carrying out a project such as a project manager to head the whole project, a function leader to lead a certain group and project members from each functional organization.

Project management process design

We define a project management process using the 5 frames of the project management lifecycle; “initiation”, “planning”, “execution” “monitoring and controlling” and “close” to realize the following matters.

  • Project is initialized smoothly, and also is planned and shared cross-divisionally.
  • The progress of the project is checked at an appropriate interval and quick response to risks and issues is made.
  • The knowhow gained by experiencing projects is accumulated and utilized for the follow-up phases and other projects.

Standardization of project strategic documents

We promote to improve the levels of achieving the project goals by defining documents of the project strategies including “goal”, “value”, “plan” and “risk”.

Project Management Office design

We design Project Management Office as a function body to contribute to the total optimization of your organization as for the project execution.

Functions of the Project Management Office are categorized into “Program management”, “Project support” and “Process owner” and others. We define functions necessary for your organization and organizational positions to execute each function.