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PM Coaching

Is your team functional enough to advance a project?

If a leader learns leadership, are the team members committed to a goal?

Does a team start collaborative work if a leader gathers members and clarifies their roles and responsibilities?

Does a team grow continuously when team building activities are done?

A Project is temporary with defined begging and end in time..

Unless a team works immediately after it starts, beginning activity such as planning and risk identification is insufficient.

Furthermore, unless learning process for a team is established at an early stage and implemented efficiently, the team will repeat same mistakes and have difficulty in meeting a deadline and quality standard.

Team has a lifecycle, as a project does.

What is needed for all projects is to synchronize those two lifecycles strategically and draw out the peak performance at the necessary timing.

”Coaching & Development(C&D)” for helping a team function swiftly

C&D in an organization means a strategic approach that stands out human resources and gains a sustainable competitive advantage.

This is quite a contrast to R&D which acquires a competitive advantage by an excellent technology.

The combination of these two is essential to implement an organizational strategy and strengthen core competence, and the ability to learn faster than competitors and change oneself is considered to be the only way to maintain competitive advantages.

Team coating based on the process of business coaching is used for practical approach in C&D.

What is “coaching” or “team coaching”?

Coaching is not to teach something, but to release individuals’ potentials to acquire their best results and also means a process or a technology for communication to support their self-learning.

The important factors that are brought about by coaching are consciousness, awareness and responsibility. So the coaching promotes them to collect and realize facts and information in and out of the team, and, based upon them, choose to make their own actions (take responsibility).

Through the processes, inner motives of individuals or a team are strengthened and commitment to achieving a goal is created, which leads to a spontaneous and independent team.

team coaching

1.Prepare the framework for a team to move forward

Set the team’s mission, vision and goal and reach a consensus.

Next, collect facts happening in and out of the current team and clarify what works well and what works poorly.

And then, find out the breakthrough point to achieve a goal and create the action plan for development of the team.

In addition, optimize team roles, maximize knowledge by self-disclosure and promotion of mutual understanding, and set a team rule to derive desirable actions.

2.Repeat the learning cycle producing results and growth.

While carrying out a project, the two cycles should be synchronized: a management cycle which produces results and the learning cycle which produces a team or a team member’s growth.

Progress should be regularly checked based on the agreed action plan.

And then, new break through point will be detected to change the action plan for team development.

The team will advance to a self-coaching team which repeats self-learning and self-growing by continuing this cycle.