Innovation Management Co., Ltd. supports companies’continuous innovation, builds a strategic business framework and provides a project management scheme utilizing our various proven performances.


PM Maturity Assessment

Improvement starts by grasping the current situation.

It is not easy to enhance performance in research and development, and many companies have difficulty in improving their performances facing serious challenges in their management.

So how they improve their achievement in R&D business is major management challenges for them.

They, as organizations need capabilities to carry out project in order to enhance their performances and have to know the current project management maturity of the organization.

Identify the maturity of Project Management

Based on the systemized best practice of R&D oriented business model of many companies, your maturity level is estimated by 5 levels and improvements should be explored from the viewpoint of total optimization.
Analysis findings of PM maturity
Relative maturity level of an organization can also be measured by evaluating it based on the benchmark data of dozens of companies.

We find out your strengths and weaknesses.

management based on the benchmark data and identify what the current situation is and to which direction should it be improved.

Project management maturity model

It is well known that a project’s success probabilities will increase with the PM maturity level going up. However, our PM maturity model which goes further to the maturity of results-delivering organizational infrastructure is rare in the project management service area.

We conduct maturity-level definition based on 9 management areas which are defined by organizational infrastructures of environmental management and PMBOK and also the best practice data to the project’s lifecycle.

Comparative review by benchmarking

Based on the benchmarks of dozens of R&D organizations in Japan, we identify your strengths and weaknesses by relatively comparing and evaluating your PM maturity level and look for the direction of improvement.

We also confirm the result of actions to improve by regularly measuring and evaluating PM maturity level, and then we make shapes of the new measures to improve efficiency.

Efficient level up by maturity-level enhancing drivers

More effective and speedy actions to improve PM maturity can be made by proposing the important reengineering drivers for higher maturity according to each maturity level based on PM maturity data of dozens of companies.