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Licensing & Partnering

Effective utilization of external technology and resources is essential to bring about exceptional performances.

We have an environment where lifecycles of products and services become shorter and shorter, while procurement of necessary resources is diversified. Therefore, it is essential for companies to effectively use helpful external technology and resources while taking off the in-house development principle.

Furthermore, in order to gain opportunities for greater collaboration, high-quality partnering activities are crucial for having reputation as an excellent partner company by others.

Strategy is needed to acquire external information.

In a situation where various companies and academic fields possibly build partnership, better access to external information can be achieved by establishing partnering strategy from the following viewpoints.

  • What is the information that we should disclose or acquire from outside?
  • With what kind of external organizations should we align through what kind of relationship?
  • How does our partnership influence on the industry?
  • Which other company has stronger alliance/partnering?

Utilizing big data will be essential activities for companies from now on.
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Evaluation as a partner company brings about the next great information.

When you are highly valued as a partner company, you encounter more useful information or opportunities for effective partnering.

Standardized and homogenized business process and optimized communication platform are the prerequisite for high-quality partnering activities.

We help you to establish the framework to support open innovation strategy and partnering.

“Partner” a package system provided by our partner company “INOVA Software” is the platform system for licensing and partnering activities.

It is connected to the Bio partnering system and the clinical trial database, and you can unify the management of licensing information which is updated every day and optimize communication in Business Development.

We support companies to achieve good results in licensing and partnering activities such as strategic partnering activities, prompt access and quick actions to updated information, efforts to enhance reputation as a partner company by establishing proper framework and the internal process.