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Insight Marketing

Innovation can never be created without understanding what information to be collected.

Understanding what data should be collected for innovation is much more important than marketing method.

The information that we are talking about here is the one needed to achieve an outcome and the following three factors should be clarified for that.

Data to be collected
  • What kind of work you want to finish?
  • What do you want to achieve after getting the job done?
  • What is an obstacle when you implement new products and services?

To find out the possibilities of innovative products and services

Segmentation-based data gathering which is the mainstream of marketing is not meaningful enough to discover innovative products and services.

Segmentation makes sense only after you know necessary information to achieve an outcome.

Marketing which doesn’t lead to innovation Marketing which leads to innovation
Collecting and analyzing information from short-term hearings or Web-questionnaire and so on. Marketers who know what kind of information should be collected ask proper questions to 150~300 targeted customers for 5~9 months and search further.

We support your company to collect and analyze the information that should be collected.

In terms of Insight marketing supported in collaboration with IFM, we eventually propose possibilities of 5~8 innovative products and services utilizing the Internet.

Utilizing IT tools that can collect information efficiently from many potential customers, you communicate with customers and observe their reactions to various questions so that you can discover innovative products and services.