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Decision Making Process

Noncommittal decision making produces no result.

With the business environment changing rapidly, what an organization chooses in a research and development project becomes more and more important.

We see many organizations have disordered projects and achieve no results at all because the research and development project that they are conducting is beyond the capability of the organization.

In order for an organization to achieve a definite result, it judges the direction of a strategy, grasps execution capability of the organization accurately, and then chooses a project which fits to the strategy and set priorities as an intention of management.

Three factors which influence the quality of decision making

Three factors which influence the quality of decision making

During the process of decision making, many people get involved directly or indirectly.

In order to improve the quality of decision making, you need to properly establish 3 factors which constitute the decision making process.

Evaluation Standard

Consensus between the evaluation standard and sense of values of a decision maker is important.

Consensus between evaluation standard of decision making and sense of values of decision makers should be obtained beforehand in order to make a decision from the viewpoint of management regardless of departments of decision makers.


Right information is needed to make a right decision.

Defining the process of putting decision-making information in order is necessary in order for an organization to prepare useful and precise information.

Meeting structure

Meeting structure where not only people make a right choice but also they can commit to definite actions

It is important that people who make a decision with deep insight and commit to making an action based on the decision at the same time join this meeting structure. On the other hand, you should narrow down the number of people who join the meeting in order to make sufficient discussions.

We improve the quality of decision making.

Standardization of documents to improve the quality of decision making

Templatization of decision-making documents contributes greatly to improving the quality of discussion in a decision making meeting and the quality of decision making.

Decision making documents are standardized according to needs of decision makers, and the consciousness of both decision makers and information providers should be adjusted to the goal using the documents.

Governance design for a rational and efficient meeting structure

There are various decision making meeting structures in an organization and the decision should be made so that missions given to each meeting structure can be achieved.

We design governance for a rational and efficient meeting structure from the view point of achievement of organizational missions.

Definition of clear decision making process

With product development accelerating, speed is an important factor also in decision making. It is important that one clarifies a decision making process of an organization and each person plays each role along the process.

Project planning
  • Target setting for a project based on a business goal
  • Discussions with high level of expertise
  • Cross-divisional multifaceted consideration
  • Verification of execution probability from the aspect of resources
Preparation works
for a decision
making meeting
  • Consideration of various options
  • Closely focused discussion
  • Efficient documentation
  • Clarification of points of decision making
  • Right understanding of decision makers
Decision making
  • Structured easy-to-read documents
  • Clear explanation
  • Closely focused discussion
  • Advice from the viewpoint of a project owner
  • Advice from the high-level technical point of view
  • Clear conclusion
  • Commitment to execution
  • Quick action
  • Steady following
  • Verification of the results

We consider decision making is a series of process and define the process from collecting information to verifying the result of the decision.