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Change Management

Rigid organizations cannot produce good results!

Organizations are exposed to the phenomena where they have difficulty in producing good results by becoming rigid or losing flexibility as time goes on.

Phenomena that are seen in a rigid organization
  • Working passively
  • Making no decisions
  • Using no leadership skills
  • Taking no risks
  • Doing jobs caring about one’s boss rather than customers

These are phenomena which are caused by people and are also major reasons why a reform is not successful. Therefore management has to take them as an immediate priority and challenges to be addressed.

Awareness-raising of people is essential for making a change

Awareness-raising of people is essential in all changes so you have to enhance people’s understanding and shift their way of thinking to the direction of innovative changes.

(“The 8th habit” by Stephen R. Covey)

The first step for change is to identify how much people accept that change and the measures to be taken are different according to that level.

You need to confirm how people accept the change, and based on the result, create the scenario for awareness-raising so that people can escape awareness of resistance and shift it to awareness of moving forward by themselves.

We support all sorts of activities for change.

We help your organization change the way of thinking, and guide various changes to success.

Confirmation of acceptability for change

As for confirmation of acceptability for change, the level of organizational awareness to the 7 change drivers essential for change is visualized.

You can identify an important factor which inhibits change, and raise the success probability by taking measures beforehand and dealing with them.

Survey finding of acceptability for change

Planning of change management strategy

In the scenario for change, you need to clarify the image for achievement at every milestone, and builds up actions to realize the image time-sequentially.

As for the aspect related to people’s awareness as well, you need to identify stakeholders based on the scenario and builds up actions on communication which raises the level of their awareness after acquiring approval from them.

Practice of change management

One conducts awareness survey regularly on whether the change is working well and getting result or not, and correct change plans.