Innovation Management Co., Ltd. supports companies’continuous innovation, builds a strategic business framework and provides a project management scheme utilizing our various proven performances.

About us

Our Board Members


Yoshiaki Shibao

Doctor of Business Administration (Osaka University)

Yoshiaki Shibao has been the president of Innovation Management Co., Ltd. since its start in 2010.
After finished the master course of the faculty of engineering, Kyusyu University in 1981, he entered Mitsui Ocean Development and Engineering Co. Ltd. and experienced domestic and international offshore construction projects o. Joining Artemis International Corporation in 1988, he was responsible for business re-engineering projects in various industries such as construction, automotive and pharmaceutical as a principal consultant. In 2001, he joined PricewaterhouseCoopers and was responsible for various PMOs (project management offices) implementation, business re-engineering and organizational change projects as a director of strategic change group. Since 2003, he had been in charge of life science and pharmaceuticals sector as a partner.

His areas of specialty are research and development management and business re-engineering mainly in manufacturing industries.

Outside Activities

  • Senior Vice President of Project Management Association of Japan
  • Lecturer of Waseda University Business Information Academy
  • Lecturer of Meiji University
  • Lecturer of School of economics of Osaka University
  • Lecturer of Kyushu Institute of Technology
  • Lecturer of Kyoto University
  • Lecturer of Lille University MBA
  • Member of External Evaluation Committee, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry:
    • Technology Regime of industrial pollution control
    • Business for promoting industrial technology development to attain the goal of Kyoto Protocol
    • Business Grid Computing Projects
    • Research and Development of remote-sensing technologies of oil resources
    • Innovative software development projects
    • Industry-University Software Engineering practical projects
    • Technological Development of program-method fixing and effective use of carbon dioxide
    • Technological Development of environmental assessment related to CO2 Ocean Sequestration


  • 「プロジェクトマネジメント革新」(Enterprise Project Management) , 1999
  • 「プロジェクト&プログラムマネジメント標準ガイドブック(P2M)」(P2M Program & Project Management Standard Guidebook 2nd Edition), 2001
  • 「プロジェクトマネジメント大全」(Proejct Management Complete works), 2002
  • 「プロジェクトバランススコアカード」(Project-based Balanced Score Card), 2004
  • 「固定収益マネジメント」(Regular Income Management), 2005
  • 「プロジェクト会計入門」(Introduction to Project Cost Management), 2009
  • 「改訂3版 P2Mプログラム&プロジェクトマネジメント標準ガイドブック」(P2M Program & Project Management Standard Guidebook 3rd Edition), 2014


  • “EPM~ New paradigm for value creation of companies” written by Yoshiaki Shibao from The Society of Project Management in October, 2001.
  • “Age of Program Management” co-written by Yoshiaki Shibao and Masahisa Saito from Harvard Business Review in February, 2003
  • “What is project management?” written by Yoshiaki Shibao from Central Japan Industries Association in June, 2003
  • “R&D Project Management Maturity Benchmarking and Findings “ written by Yoshiaki Shibao from Asia Pacific Management Conference in November, 2003
  • “Business reform with project management” written by Yoshiaki Shibao from CHUOKEIZAI-SHA HOLDINGS, INC. in July 2004.
  • “Researches on Project Management Maturity Assessment” by Yoshiaki Shibao and Masashi Ochi from The Society of Project Management in November 2005 (won “The 2006’ Best Paper Award by The Society of Project Management”)
Yoshiaki Shibao

Board Director

Hiroki Ono

Ono has been a director of Innovation Management Co., ltd since 2010.
After joining The Dai-Ichi Kangyo Bank (now merged into Mizuho Bank) in April 1991, Ono experienced all kinds of sales work such as new deals and private and business transactions, and acquired fundamental sales skills. In February 2000, he joined PricewaterhouseCoopers and was responsible for design and introduction of program/project management on business re-engineering, change management, planning of brand strategies, and organizational design/implementation as a member of strategic change group. He co-authored “Illustrated Project Management” from Toyo Keizai Inc. in 2003. Ono acquired MBA in 1999.

Hiroki Ono